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White Papers

July 10, 2011 Are websites obsolete in our social media world?

With Facebook, LinkedIn pages and blogs for businesses, does your business still need a regular website?

January 1, 2008 Website owners, you're not special!

People know what makes sites hard to use... till they have one of their own.

October 1, 2007 Common Web site misconceptions, Part 1

Search engine optimization misconceptions that are still pretty common.

July 1, 2007 In defense of graphics

Despite my criticism of flashy Web sites, I do believe that graphics are important.

April 1, 2007 The Drive-by Medium

If you expect people to read your content, size does matter. And in this case, longer is not better.

January 1, 2007 Youthful Web design indiscretions

I used to think Web design was graphics and programming. It's so much more, and now I know. Read what I now know.

October 1, 2006 Uncool sites and proud of them

People visit business sites to satisfy their needs. Coolness isn't one of them.

July 1, 2006 A case against blogs

Not everyone thinks blogs are the greatest. Here's why we don't.