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Huberspace presents "Pizza and Preconceived Web Site Notions"

September 24, 2007

Jim Huber, Huberspace owner, tackled misconceptions, assumptions, and outdated guidelines about Web sites at the September Home Based Business Council (HBBC) meeting, entitled "Pizza and Pretty Preposterous Perceptions Pertaining Primarily to Pages on People's PCs" (or "Pizza and Preconceived Web Site Notions," for short).

At the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce headquarters, Huber spoke about preconceived notions about Web sites held by everyone from Web site owners to Web site designers.

He covered several search engine optimization issues, such as supposed "guarantees" of getting your site placed at #1 in Google. He also discussed design and usability issues, including the myth of "needing" flashy sites to "get people's attention."

Read Common Web site misconceptions, Part 1, Huber's recent white paper based on this presentation.