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Huberspace celebrates four years in business

July 1, 2006

Today is Huberspace's official fourth anniversary. Jim Huber, the company's president and mastermind, has been a Web designer for 12 years. After eight years, Huber found the opportunity to pursue his dream of starting his own Web company, and hasn't looked back.

Since Huberspace began, it has grown exponentially, as it has increased its client base, focusing primarily on commercial, political, and law firm Web sites.

Huberspace began in 2002 as a one man show, with services of Web development and cartooning. Huber has created a talented team, including Loudoun County's #3 graphic artist, a content writer who is an expert in search engine optimization, and a marketing expert specialising in comprehensive Web site marketing.

Several of Huberspace's biggest achievements include its proprietary content management system, Backdoor, which serves about two thirds of its clients, and winning the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce's Home Based Business Award. "But the biggest achievement is the phenomenal growth of the business," Huber said. " Nearly all my new clients are through referrals. My business would not be growing so much, if my existing customers weren't happy."

While pleased with the progress he has made in building Huberspace, Jim Huber noted that it was only the beginning. "For example, we are working on big upgrades to Backdoor, and we are also on the look out for adding to the Huberspace team."